I would like to welcome lovers of all dogs, and particularly collies, to our website.
My name is Vlasta Lužová and my husband František and I own two dogs, Deanna and Fredy, or to give them their full names, Deann Gold Fredina Agi and Fredy Black Fredina Agi.
Getting started as in dog owners - our first dog was also a rough (or long-haired) collie, Rony Gold Zlatý Jantar. His favourite activities included running around the house and garden, and letting us know when someone came near the gate. He was our cuddly family pet… I must admit that he barely approached training and other activities. However, his gentle and loving nature made up for his lack of training.
After Rony passed away at the age of twelve, in 2010 we bought our second golden collie Deann, (also known as Dýneček) from the Fredina Agi breeding kennel.
We had already decided that we were going to try training so that our dog wouldn't grow up untamed :-)
I don't much recall how we became involved with dog shows, but it is in part thanks to our now friends from the Novaro Rohatec Dog School, and in particular trainer Jitka Nováková. She wanted our efforts to lead somewhere, so the initiative came mostly from her and Karin Holainová, breeder and owner of the Fredina Agi breeding kennel. And so somewhat slowly and inconspicuously we found our way into the carousel that is dog show.
Dýneček, however, started taking part in dog shows later than is typical among show dogs today.
From the time when we were starting out in dog shows, I mostly remember how my husband and I came to enjoy the pleasant company of dog (collie) owners, and how shows gradually became entertainment and a hobby. In order to keep our promise, we also work on obedience. To date Deann has passed two tests - for further information see the section "Our Dogs".
With time we discovered that one dog is not enough and since we had once considered getting a tricolour dog after our first golden collie, the tricolour was to be our next choice. And in 2013 the "contest" for the newest member of our pack was won by Fredy Black Fredina Agi :-)

Our yard soon became very colourful and lively. According to judges Fredy was a prospect, and so we led him intensively down the road towards dog shows. Meanwhile Deann discovered a talent for agility sports. Fredy also takes part in these sports, although he has an entirely different approach to training and to agility. In terms of results he is catching up with Deann as he has also passed two obedience tests. You will be able to read about any progress we may make in this area in our "News" section.
Since both our dogs have met the conditions for breeding, we have had them pre-assessed and they can be used for rearing.


At this point I would like to thank "our breeder" Karin Holainová, owner of the Fredina Agi breeding kennel, above all for our two furry friends, though not forgetting her care and ongoing cooperation with us.

I would also like to thank the owner of the Novaro Rohatec Dog School, for tirelessly driving professional dog keeping advice into our heads.