The traditions of the Collie Rough breed dates back many years. Various theories exist on how the breed originated, with their country of origin most often thought to be Scotland.

The FCI – the World Canine Organisation – classes the breed in group I, which includes sheepdogs, herding dogs and drovers.

Since in our modern age there are many relatively easily accessible sources of information, I will not bother to repeat and quote easily accessible facts here.

Instead, I will offer you a lesser known text, an excerpt from my favourite book “Lad: A Dog”, by Albert Payson Terhune.

“Lad was an eighty-pound collie, thoroughbred in spirit as well as in blood. He had the benign dignity that was a heritage from endless generations of high-strain ancestors. He had, too, the gay courage of a d’Artagnan and an uncanny wisdom. Also who could doubt it, after a look into his mournful brown eyes, he had a soul.”

My words exactly :-) We too have seen through a collie’s eyes to its soul!
Collies have enriched our family life, and we could not now imagine life without them.