25.8.2022 - More about the first half of 2022

All our fun activities happened during the month of May.

Rabac doggie vacation, the Oliva camp, the last week of May

A traditional vacation in Croatia in the best company and environment that we know so well, as we have been coming here for several years. The weather is nice and warm and it is less crowded in the camp and by the sea.

What Fredy thinks of the sea: I don’t get the hype. I prefer swimming back to the shore and in the shortest way possible…

Club Show Chropyně, 14.5.2022, judge Geoff Duffield

We were happy to come back to this place, as we love it and the atmosphere is always amazing. Moreover, observing this referee doing his job so well is always worth it.

Fredy took home Excellent 1, Best of Veteran

May Costume Race for Fun, 1.5. 2022

We organized a special event for our members and their families on our club’s training premises.

Everyone followed the dress code and showed up in masks and costumes, even some dogs as well.

The purpose of this event was to have even (as the title suggests), in which we succeeded.

8.1.2022 - More about the second half of 2021


At all exhibitions mentioned below, Fredy was in the veteran class.

30.9.2021 World dog show, judge Mr. Jean-Paul Kerihuel (FR),  Excellent 3

Světová výstava psů Brno

22.8.2021 Regional show Brno, judge Mrs. Božena Ovesná, Excellent 1

15.8.2021 IDS Brno, judge Mrs. Katarzyna Fiszdon, Excellent 1, BOV,
We met the requirements for the Czech veteran champion

14.8.2021 IDS Brno, judge Ing. Monika Soukupová, Excellent 1, BOV

11.7.2021 Regional show Náměšť na Hané, judge Mrs. Zdenka Jílková, Excellent 1, Class Winner

Other, "recreational" events

We connected a local exhibition in Náměšť na Hané with an interesting trip to Olomouc, where we went sightseeing. We also visited the beautiful chateu in Náměšť na Hané and its surroundings.

We had a lovely short vacation in Croatia. Fredy is, indeed, a travel enthusiast.


We celebrated the end of the year by attending a race at our dog training area of KK Rohatec. This race was all about having fun, with dogs competing in untraditional events.

Well, and Freddie celebrated his 9th birthday. All the best to you!

18.7.2021 - More information about the first half of 2021

The end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 were especially difficult for us, as our beloved Dean was suffering from an illness, which ended horribly. Our love left us and crossed the „Rainbow bridge“, which is a saying about those who leave us but stay in our memories. And we will never forget Dean! Although Fredy was searching for his buddy in the first few days, he handles being the „only child“ well….

When restrictions began to lift a little in spring, we gradually started working again – we did some obedience training at our dog training area, which we finished by the IBGH1 exam.

After a long break, we went to Chropyně in May. There, Fredy had his first experience in the Veteran Class. He placed second, that is Excellent 2. Chyr and Ema seemed very competitive and won. 😊

Fredy’s biggest working success was meeting all required conditions and getting the title of „Club working champion of KCHCS“. See pictures with trophies: in the background, there is Fredy’s big trophy, next to it is a smaller trophy belonging to Dean for the Best Veteran of 2019. Due to covid, we could pick it up this June.

We will see what the second half of the year brings.


The second half of 2020 was also influenced by covid.
We didn't feel like attending any exhibition because we couldn’t enjoy the atmosphere and meet our friends, which is what we were used to.
So we mainly did obedience training and walks, well, one can call it the simple dog life :-)
We had a lovely Christmas and a slightly noisy New Year’s Eve (because of our neighbours), but otherwise, everything was okay.

However, the beginning of 2021 was shocking.

On January 5, 2021, Deann Gold Fredina Agi crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

He was unexpectedly taken away from us due to a severe health problem – a brain tumour appeared quickly and, unfortunately, at an advanced stage.

There are so many words that I could use for our beloved Dean… Sweetheart, our sunshine, hairy cutie, sometimes a bit of a rascal and provocateur, most of the time very easy-going. Our friend described his walk as aristocratic, which is true and I like the description, he really looked like an aristocrat when he walked! His elegant posture and movement were radiant.

Thank you, Dean, for all the wonderful moments that we had with you...

22.7.2020 - More information about the first half of 2020

At the beginning of the year, we went to Buchlov with our friends and their four-legged buddies on a relaxing trip.


In spring, the world and we were influenced by coronavirus. I couldn’t get myself to work with the dogs at home, so we were more active after the restrictions were lifted. Specifically, we were preparing for the ZPU1 obedience exam. And we passed it successfully with Fredy on May 5, 2020. Dean didn’t get the required amount of points, for example, we didn’t do the high jump on purpose. Let’s see what we can do next time.

deann zpu1deann zpu1 2

fredy zpu1fredy zpu1 2

10.1.2020 - More about the second half of 2019

Dog´s shows

Wels, Austria, 7. and 8.12.2019

Deann Gold  - first day Very good 2 and second day Excellent 2.

Fredy Black – Excellent 2, Res.CACA, the second day was very successful: Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB and BOB

Kielce, Poland, 24.11.2019

Deann Gold  - Excellent 1, BOVWe met the requirements for the Polish veteran champion

Fredy Black - Excellent 2

Zakopané, Poland, 4.8.2019

Deann Gold  - Excellent 1, BOV, BOS, Deann beat Fredy :-)

Fredy Black - Excellent 1, CWC

Other activities

To meet the requirements for the title of KCHCS Club Champion of work, we have begun training for an obedience exam (well, we will be taking it for the second time due to certain club rules).

Deann passed these exams from September to November: ZZO, BH-VT a ZOP

In the same time period, Fredy passed the following exams: BH-VT, ZZO, ZOP

Deann passed the MD1 dogdancing exam (after several tries), with me as his handler, and got the Excellent mark. Good job, Deann!

4.7.2019 - More information about the first half of 2019

We devoted the first half of the year to participating in exhibitions. As for dogdancing, we have been training and preparing for tests. However, Fredy did successfully pass one of his agility tests. I’ve given more information in the text below.

CACIB Bled, 23.6.2019, special show for collie rough

Deann Gold FA: Excellent 1, BOV

Fredy Black FA: Excellent 1, CAC, We met the requirements for the Slovenian champion

CACIB Bled, 22.6.2019

Deann Gold FA: Excellent 1, BOV, Best male, BOB, We met the requirements for the Slovenian veteran champion

Fredy Black FA: Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

CACIB Varaždin, 18. and 19.5.2019

Deann Gold FA, both days Excellent 1, BOV

The Varaždin exhibition was followed by a dogs-are-welcome vacation in the Oliva Rabac camp. We had a great time with our friends there.

Club show Chropyně, 11.5.2019

Deann Gold FA, veteran class Excellent 2

Fredy Black FA, honour class Excellent 2

CACIB Opole, 28.4.2019

Dean Gold FA, veteran class, Excellent 1, BOV, BOS

Fredy Black FA, champion class, Excellent 1, CAC, Best male, CACIB

Double-exam agility, Rohatec, 6.4.2019

Fredy Black FA, LA2, results from the first round: 2/9, 1.62 penalty points, LA2 test passed

DUOCACIB Brno, 3.2.2019

Deann Gold FA, Excellent 1, BOV

Fredy Black FA, Excellent 4

DUOCACIB Brno, 2.2.2019

Deann Gold FA, Excellent 1, BOV, We met the requirements for the Czech veteran champion

Fredy Black FA, Excellent 2, Res.CAC

7.1.2019 - More about the second half of 2018


Deann Gold Fredina Agi

  • IHA Wels, 9.12.2018, veteran class, Very good 1
  • IHA Wels, 8.12.2018, veteran class, Very good 1
  • Club show KCHCS Kladno, 20.10.2018, open class, Very good

  • CACIB Lipica, 7.10.2018, veteran class, Excellent 1, BOV
  • CACIB Lipica, 6.10.2018, veteran class, Excellent 1, BOV
  • Regional dog show Brno, 9.9.2018, Excellent 1, Class Winner, 2. BIS veteran
  • National dog show Olomouc, 1.9.2018, Excellent 1, BOV

Fredy Black Fredina Agi

  • IHA Wels, 9.12.2018, champion class, Excellent 2
  • IHA Wels, 8.12.2018, champion class, Excellent 3
  • Club show KCHCS Kladno, 20.10.2018, champion class, Excellent 3

  • CACIB Lipica, 7.10.2018, champion class, Excellent 2, Res.CAC
  • CACIB Lipica, 6.10.2018, champion class, Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

Other Events

We didn’t do much of agility this year. We did take part in an event Collie Cup in autumn. Well, only Fredy participated, but he didn’t do very well. Others were simply better. Apart from exhibitions, we devoted our time and energy to dogdancing. Mainly to practising it, as we didn’t perform well in exams in the second half of the year. Nevertheless, we’ll keep practising in the new year. We were also happy to take part in several events held by our Cynology club Rohatec, which were full of fun activities.

1.7.2018 - More about the first half of 2018


Deann Gold Fredina Agi:

  • 3.6.2018 Umag, open class, Excellent
  • 2.6.2018 Umag, open class, Excellent
  • 27.5.2018 CACIB Varaždin, open class, Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB
  • 26.5.2018 CACIB Varaždin, open class, Very good

Fredy Black Fredina Agi:

  • 23.6.2018 - Intercanis Brno, champion class, Excellent 4
  • 3.6.2018 -  CACIB Umag, champion class, Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB We met the requirements for the Grand Champion of Croatia title
  • 2.6.2018 - CACIB Umag, champion class, Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB
  • 27.5.2018 - CACIB Varaždin, champion class, Excellent 1, CAC
  • 26.5.2018 - CACIB Varaždin, champion class, Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
  • 5.5.2018 - IDS Praha, champion class, Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB - We met the requirements for the Grand Champion of Czech Republic title



On February 17, 2018,  Deann experienced his first test with a new dog handler - me. There, at Podpálavská drkotačka in Mikulov, we managed to win the trial run and therefore passed our first A1 exam.


On May 6, 2018, we held an unofficial competition named “Rohatecký koláček” on the training field of Cynology club Rohatec. Fredy belonged to the “competitors” category and did very good - the combination of his performances in agility and jumping got him the 1st place.


Other activities

A presentation at the Elementary School and Kindergarten

On May 5, 2018, we represented the Cynology club Rohatec and showed our abilities at the elementary school and kindergarten. Dean demonstrated a few dog dancing moves and some components of dog trainings.

Fredy then showed some dog dancing, as well as several agility tricks.


2.1.2018 - More about the second half of 2017


Deann Gold Fredina Agi:

  • 28.9.2017 - Club show Mladá Boleslav - Good

Fredy Black Fredina Agi:

  • 13.8.2017 - MWPR Zakopané - Excellent 1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, We met the requirements for the C.I.B. title
  • 16.9.2017 - CACIB Slovenj Gradec - Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB
  • 17.9.2017 - CACIB Slovenj Gradec - Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB
  • 28.9.2017 - Club show Mladá Boleslav - Very good
  • 11.11.2017 - World dog show Leipzig - Excellent


Throughout 2017‘ second half, Fredy would place in the middle in agility tests, with the exception of his being in the top three in Sedlec (Mikulov).

Deann did a little better in agility than Fredy. It’s a pity, though, that he didn’t deliver at the „Collie Cup“.



In the second half, we began training and taking dogdancing exams.

Both Deann and Fredy passed their Freestyle1 and DwD1 exams.

Summary:  For me, Fredy’s biggest success of 2017 was his C.I.B. title. Apart from that, he also became a father of another breed. As for Deannie, he did his best at agility and we had a great time dancing together as well. Though dogdancing can be a test of one’s patience sometimes, it is still fun.

30.6.2017 - More information about the first half of 2017

Deann Gold Fredina Agi

Deannie did quite good at agility throughout the first half, sometimes placing in the middle or even the top three.

14.5. 2017 - It seems like our trainers and dog handlers had been saving the best for May, as they rocked the Czech Sheltie Championship and the Czech Championship of Rough collies and Smooth collies in Litovel (which was an open race).

Vladimír Novák and Deann Gold FA won 1st place, which means Deannie is the Czech Collie rough Champion of 2017!

17.-18.6. 2017 The International Breed Championship – ABC Třeboň – Deannie did very good and although he didn’t win, he could still be proud in the competition of other breeds.

Fredy Black Fredina Agi

04.06.2017 - CACIB Umag -  Excellent 1, CAC, Res. CACIB
03.06.2017 - CACIB Umag - Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, We met the requirements for the Croatian champion
06.05.2017 - Club show Chropyně - Very good
22.04.2017 - IDS České Budějovice - Excellent 3
09.04.2017 - Krajowa wystawa Zabrze - Excellent 1, CWC, NDP, We met the requirements for the Polish champion
02.04.2017 - Krajowa wystawa Raciborz - Excellent 1, CWC, NDP, BOB
05.03.2017 - IDS Graz - Excellent 2, Res.CACA
07.01.2017 - NDS Brno - Excellent 1, CAC

Fredy had a rough first half of 2017 in agility – despite his placing in the middle several times, he would also get disqualified.

14.5. 2017 Fredy got his reputation back at the Czech Sheltie Championship and the Czech Championship of Rough collies and Smooth collies in Litovel (open race). Jitka Nováková and Fredy Black FA came in second! Fredy is the Czech Collie rough Vice-Champion of 2017!

3.1.2017 - What's New?


IHA Oberwart, 17.7.2016

Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Iris Urschitz, A - Excellent 2, Res.CACA

MWPR Zakopane, 6.8.2016

Fredy Black Fredina Agi,champion class, judge Piotr Król, PL – Excellent 4

INTERDOG BOHEMIA Mladá Boleslav, 13.8.2016

Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Ramune Kazlauskaite, LT – Excellent 3

CACIB Gradiška, 3.9.2016

Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Darko Drobnjak, SRB – Excellent 2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB

IHA Tulln, 1.10. and 2.10.2016

1.10. - Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Croft Barrie, GB – Excellent 1, CACA
2.10. - Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Forte Michael, IRL – Excellent 2, Res.CACA

MVP České Budějovice, 8.10.2016

Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Mark Wibier, D – Excellent 2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB

DOUBLE CACIB - Prague Expo Dog, 29. a  30.10.2016

29.10. - Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Jitka Gogolínová, - Excellent 3
30.10. - Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Mlada Svobodová – Excellent 4

CACIB Zagreb, 26. and 27.11.2016

26.11. - Fredy Black Fredina Agi, open class, judge Marion Campbell, IRL – Excellent 3
27.11. - Fredy Black Fredina Agi, open class, judge Jorgen Hindse, DEN – Excellent 1

IHA Wels, 10. and 11.12.2016

10.12. - Fredy Black Fredina Agi, open class, judge Elisabeth Ertl, A  - Excellent 1, CACA
11.12. - Fredy Black Fredina Agi, open class, judge Sinisa Cujan, CRO – Excellent 1, CACA


Deann Gold

In IV.Q. 2016, Deann did his best at the Brno – Agility Collie a Sheltie Cup, Cocker Cup Race on November 20, 2016. Thanks to his great performance, he earned himself the first place in the Rough Collies category. :-)
Worth mentioning is also him taking the 10th place at the Christmas Brno Race, which was held on December 17, 2016, and where 46 dog contestants participated.

Fredy Black

Fredy placed the best at the “Luhačovice - double-test" Race on October 9, 2016. In one race, he ended up 3rd (which wasn’t enough for passing the exam, though) and then he came 4th out of 13 contestants in the other race. Overall, he won the second place, which is lovely!
He also did quite well at the Brno – Agility Collie a Sheltie Cup, Cocker Cup (November 20, 2016) and Deann and him got to the finals. Fredy placed 3rd, whereas Deann was disqualified.


Due to insufficient preparation, we (the Rohatec Cynological Club) decided not to organize the official fall behaviour exams and held winter ones instead. Certified referees judged teams’ performances, which helped us to see the quality of the training and made us aware of the things we still need to work on. After being done with the physical part, it was time for relaxation and some good food.
We wrapped the year 2016 up by attending the Sranda Club Race, an event full of fun and a celebration of the whole year.

Bring the new year on!

zavody_poslusnost.jpg zavody_poslusnost2.jpg zavody_poslusnost3.jpg zavody_poslusnost4.jpg zavody_poslusnost5.jpg zavody_poslusnost6.jpg zavody_poslusnost7.jpg zavody_poslusnost8.jpg zavody_poslusnost9.jpg zavody_poslusnost10.jpg zavody_poslusnost11.jpg zavody_poslusnost12.jpg zavody_poslusnost13.jpg zavody_poslusnost14.jpg

30/6/2016 - What's New?


Mikulov 26/3/2016, Zlechov 9/4/2016, Litovel 14/5/2016

We can say that both Deann and Fredy are archiving good result. But in their LA2 category are limits set the way, that even with a good running times and training they have not accomplished the exams yet.
The best succes we had in Litovel, where Deann took the second place in his category LA2. Fredy was even better. He was the best from the present collies rough. He become the Czech champion for collie rough for the year 2016.


16/4/ and 17/4/2016, CACIB Maribor and Pohorje

Saturday: Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, judge Barbka Novak, SI - Excellent 2, Res.CAC
Sunday: champion class, judge Leoš Jančík, CZ - Excellent 2, Res.CAC
We liked the beautiful environment of the city of Maribor. The organization of the exhibition was amazing and it was sunny weather. Maybe too much :-) Our results were under the circumstances probably the best possible :-)

Chropyně 7/5/2016, XXVI. club show for collies and shleties

We are happy about the lovely opinion and placement, Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class Excellent 2, Res.CAC, judge: Geoff Duffield, GB

IHA Wieselburg, 22/5/2016

Judge Bo Skalin, SWE
Fredy Black Fredina Agi, Excellent 3, champion class

Holidays in Croatia and two dog exhibition weekends in Croatia, 28/5/2016 - 5/6/2016

Our vacation in Rabac was bounded with two dog exhibition weekends. I would say the vacation was AWESOME. For our show results and also for the weather on vacation suits a saying: „highly variable“...

Summary from both exhibition weekends:
28/5/2016 Varaždin, Excellent 2, Res.CAC, judge Marko Ljutič, HR
29/5/2016 Varaždin, Excellent 3, judge Ingrid Hectors, B
4/6/2016 Umag, Deann Gold Fredina Agi Very good and Fredy Gold Fredina Agi Very good, judge Anna Kochan, PL
5/6/2016 Umag, Excellent 1, CAC, Res.CACIB, judge Jadranka Mijatovič, HR.

IHA Klagenfurt, 18/6/ and 19/6/2016

Fredy Black Fredina Agi assigned Excellent 4 in both days. Judge on Saturday was Mr. Januzs Opara and the junge on Sunday was Mrs. Anna Kochan, both judges were from Poland.
As some of my colleagues sometimes suggest, we have to be humble and be glad for every Excellent grade. We have created a small Czech oasis in Klagenfurt with František, Jitka Gogolínová and Marcela Váchová. We said hello with some other known collies lovers.


Dog show for children in Strážnice 1/5/2016

We were invited by our Kennel Club Rohatec to the dog show for children's home in Strážnice. We showed to the children some „dog tricks“ along with a few other dogs :-)

14/3/2016 - Dog of the Year and Sporting dog of the Year 2015

The beginning of the year is associated with announcing various charts for the previous period. Our club, KCHCS, Collie and Sheltie breeders club Prague, prepares their own charts.

From the results of the dog exhibitions there is a list named Dog of the Year 2015. Fredy was placed in the second place in Collie rough category for male dogs and in the third place in category for all genders.

Other rakings were related to sport active dogs.

In a poll of Sporting Dog 2015 category, our Deann took the second place in category for Collie Rough. Fredy took the fourth place. We started with agility in May 2015. Deann started running in May 2015 and Fredy in July 2015.

We'll see what this year is going to bring to us. The Competition is still growing :)


6/3/2016 - Our first foreign dog exhibition this year, IHA Graz, Austria

Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, Excellent 2, Res.CACA, judge pan Jorgen Hindse, DK

11/2/2016 - DUO CACIB Brno

The weekend of 6th-7th February took place in Brno at our first exhibition this year, DUO CACIB Brno. On Saturday the judge Mrs. Anna Redlicky (PL) had very strict standards. Fredy Black FA assigned Excellent 3 on Saturday and Excellent 4 on Sunday in champion class. Sunday's judge was Mr. Szabo Sandor.
Special thing for me was that I met Gaston (Gaston For Quidara). He is puppy of our Fredy and Xara (Xplain Me It African Gold). It was his first dog exhibition. Gaston assigned Very good 2 which is a great success for his owner :-)

(left Fredy, right Gaston)

(Tricolor dogs in champion class - Sunday)

19/12/2015 - Těšánky - Christmas Agility Double-Exams

LA2 - 1st run: Deann 5th, Excellent, Fredy 7th, Very good,
2nd run: Deann 8th, Very good, Fredy 9th, Very good. It could be a little faster :)

There were 21 competitors in the LA2 category! Deann has received second place in the sum of both races. Even though that they failed to meet the „exam crtiteria“, Deann and Freddy represented rough collies well enough and they trained in the competitive environment.

Video from the competition

kolie agility kolie agility

7/12/2015 - End of this year's exhibition season :-)

Weekend 5/12/ - 6/12/2015 - IHA Wels

5.12.2015, Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, Excellent 3 /4, judge Oklescen Lidija, SLO
6.12.2015, Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, Excellent 4, judge Zlatko Krajlic, HR

Weekend 28/11 - 29/11/2015 - DUO CACIB Nitra

28.11.2015, Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, Excellent 2, Res. CAC /4, judge Pichard Laurent, CH
29.11.2015, Fredy Black Fredina Agi, champion class, Very good 3 /4, judge Beata Petkeviča, LV

1/11/2015 - ZZO1 tests

On 1/11/2015 Fredy passed the ZZO1 basic handling test (in accordance with National Examination Regulations). Circumstances and apparently also harmony between dog and owner seemed to be on our side :-) We were awarded 87 points, which I wasn't at all expecting, but Fredy was very clever!

31/10/2015 - Hlučínský AgiDrak and Agility Collie & Sheltie Cup

This contest was held at the Hlučín Children's Ranch from 31 October to 1 November 2015. For time reasons we were only able to take part on Saturday.

In the LA2 category run Fredy finished in 11th place, the last finisher as 10 other dogs from the 21 who started were disqualified, Deann unfortunately being one of them.

Agility Open Run I: Both Deann and Fredy finished the race, placing roughly in the middle of the starting field :-)

Jumping Open Run I: Deann, who ran beautifully and nimbly, finished 12th out of the 38 starters and was rewarded with the assessment "Excellent". Unfortunately, Fredy was disqualified at the penultimate hurdle after an otherwise beautiful run :-(