Veteran Champion

Deann Gold Fredina Agi

* 21/7/2010 - † 5/1/2021


  • Father: Dustin Gold Coll-Kony
  • Mother: Arlenn Fredina Agi
  • Teeth: full set of teeth, scissors bite
  • Height: 59cm
  • Breeding status: stud dog
  • Health:
    • CEA DNA: -/-
    • CEA, PRA, KAT - free
    • MDR1: +/+
    • DM: +/+
    • PRA-rcd2: +/+
    • IPD +/+ (non affected) Laboklin
    • DKK (HD): 0/0
    • DLK (ED): 0/0

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- Titles -

Veteran Champion of Czech republic
Veteran Champion of Slovenia
Veteran Champion of Poland


- Dog Shows -

BOB, 3x BOS, CAC, Res. CACIB, 12x BOV, Brno Žebětín - Regional Winner, Zlín - Class Winner, Zetor Brno - Class Winner


- Obedience examinations -



- Sport -

Agility: passed LA1 and LA2 exam, Master of the Czech Republic in agility of rough collies for 2017

Dogdancing: Freestyle 1, DwD1, MD1


Pre-assessed on 10/5/2014 at the Chropyně Club Dog Show


Our "treasure" Dýneček is of a friendly nature, gentle towards both people and dogs, and is a classic "welcoming dog".
I would generally describe him in “people” terms as phlegmatic and perhaps as a “strong but gentle”. He doesn’t get ruffled by just anything - with the exceptions of cats and hedgehogs :-)
He is easy to control and can even manage some dance moves. Agility sports are a strong point, even though he likes to have fun and show off, which is not really wanted during a run. However, according to experienced Collie owners, it is quite typical for the breed :-)))
He would probably also make a good spokesperson for dogs, as he likes to make himself heard by barking.
He loves car rides and going for walks with his masters!

Deann Gold Fredina Agi: also known as Deanek, Dinoš, Dinošek, Dýneček, Dynýsek, Dinuša, Dinula and more besides :-)


- Pedigree -

Dustin Gold Coll-Kony

Arlenn Fredina Agi

{ Ch. Early Sunshine Hirundo { Ch. Queenly Mighty Quinn of Kassiopeia
Dreaming Dove Hirundo
Casiopea Gold z Udoli Ondrejnice { Ashley Noko Bohemia
Rosemary Gold Mamive
{ Ch. Early Sunshine Hirundo { Ch. Queenly Mighty Quinn of Kassiopeia
Dreaming Dove Hirundo
Polly Black Nellago { Ashley Noko Bohemia
Hobby Gold Nellago